Prepare Your Land for Construction

Prepare Your Land for Construction

Work with an Estero & Fort Myers, FL excavation company

Before you can start putting up walls, you'll need to make sure your land is cleared and prepared for underground installations. Land Tec Site Development LLC is an excavation company in Estero and Fort Myers, FL that can help.

Trust us to remove all vegetation, haul it away and dig trenches for water and sewer lines. We can also tear down buildings up to two-stories. Contact us today to learn more about our excavation and land clearing services.

3 times to get excavation services

Many different situations require excavation services. Hire an excavation company if you're:

  1. Constructing an addition or new driveway
  2. Building a new house or commercial property
  3. Having major electrical or plumbing work done in the ground

Still not sure if you need excavation or land clearing services? Talk to our experts today. And be sure to ask for a free estimate.